Crypto buy/sell news

Voxels to the moon!

The VR crypto currency Voxels seems to be a very stable investment. Climbing steady and with little backdrop it is a currency that is in a very good buy trend. You can wait for a little retrace but it looks like this one will keep climbing with little resistance.


Where can I buy cryptocurrencies in the most easy way?

I just got this question so I thought it is a nice opportunity to post about it right away. For starters there are a lot of different ways to buy cryptocurrencies. One of my favorite at the moment is The reason why is that you can buy currencies directly with IDEAL so you don’t need a creditcard and you …


What to trade on December 25th

Today most value will be in ReddCoin which is a coin that is still undervalued. The important thing to understand is that people who step out of Bitcoin are stepping into alternated coins which have very high success rate. Because we are all still in the beginning of crypto currencies some lower prices coins with a good technical background can …