My name is Richard Simmons and I am a Forex trader for 7 years. Recently I used my knowledge to get into the cryptocurrency world and was amazed how much false information is being published about cryptocurrencies.

I started this site to informĀ  the starters in cryptoworld which currencies to trade in and which ones not to.

I live in the Netherlands and I try to keep my English as basic as possible so it is easy to understand what to do and how to trade.

All the information given here is based on my own trades.

I was already helping a lot of people with buying cryptocurrencies and at the moment I get so much Whatsapp messages that I started this Blog.

Do I have to pay for anything to read your blog? ….. No you do not. I trade the cryptocurrencies myself and I do not need any investments from others. I just want everybody to have the opportunity to get some peace of the pie.

So happy trading and I will post everyday !

Best Regards